How To Transfer Hero

Now, players can transfer their heroes by using Gift function. First, go to Profile page and click Inventory.
Then, click on the hero you want to transfer to another player and turn to hero detail page.
If you haven't mint your hero, please mint it first. Then click Gift button, type in reciever's address. Remember, make sure the address you type in is correct. Otherwise, you are not able to get it back once you give it away!
After type in the correct address, click Confirm button, it will wake up your wallet. Click Confirm in the wallet and wait for the contract to finish this transfer.
Once the transfer is done, you can check your inventory page. If the hero disappeared from the inventory page. It means your transfer is successful. Or, you could check activity in your wallet.


For some players, their hero does not match what they have on the blockchain. SYNC button is quite useful. Click on the SYNC button and website will sync hero information from your wallet.
  • For example, if you have 5 heroes in your wallet. But you only see 4 heroes in your inventory. Click on SYNC and wait for a few seconds and refresh this page. You should be able to see your heroes on the inventory page.