How To Create New NFT Heroes on Polygon

Idle Mystic Inheritance Guide on Polygon
Today's guide will cover the following:
​The cost
​What you need​
Let's begin;

How to inherit heroes

Inheriting heroes in Idle Mystic on Polygon requires the following:

If you do not have these min requirements, you will not be able to create or inherit, new NFT Heroes.
  1. 1.
    Click Inherit button on the hero page and choose the second hero you wish to use.
2. You will see how many MSTs and IMTs are required for this inheritance ceremony. Click on Inherit button and wait for Contract Interaction.
3. You need to confirm the Metamask notification to switch the network from Polygon to BSC.
4. Then, confirm the cost of IMT and BNB gas fees.
5. Switch back to Polygon and confirm the cost of MST. When you consumed MST, the inheritance is done. Once Contract Interaction is finished, wait 5 minutes to see the new hero on the inventory page.
The growth of the heroes:

How much does it cost?

MST Cost

Inheriting heroes will change depending on the number of times each hero has been used before.
If you have two heroes, that have never been used (1/7). This will be the cheapest requirement.
If you have two heroes that both have (7/7) inheritance usages, this will be the most expensive.
Below you can see the costs and how much MST/IMT will be needed in order to complete the transaction and create the new NFT.
Eg. 1/7 Inheritance + 3/7 Inheritance NFTS Cost = 100 + 300 = 400 MST

IMT Cost

IMT will be fixed at 12 IMT per Inheritance action on Polygon now. It may be changed in the future.
When you are adding the heroes to inherit, you will always see the expected cost during the process. If you do not have enough, the system will also calculate and remind you if there is a lack of funds in your account to complete the Inheritance.

What do I need?

As discussed above, in order to inherit heroes, you will need some min requirements and currencies to complete.
  • Metamask Wallet / Crypto wallet
  • Idle Mystic Account
  • Matic Cryptocurrency
  • MST Cryptocurrency
  • IMT Cryptocurrency
  • BNB Cryptocurrency
  • 2 NFT Heroes
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