How To Sell Your Hero

If you bought Heroes from Pre-Sale. Please Check your Inventory and click your heroes.
Click Mint button on left side, and wait few moments. It will be a lot people to mint their heroes when marketplace released. Please be patient.
Note that if you only have heroes or keys from Airdrop event, there will restrain for Airdrop them. You, your invitees and their invitees need to have two heroes or keys that get from marketplace or pre-sale to unlock one of your Airdrop hero/key. e.g. If you get 2 heroes (or keys) from airdrop and 2 from pre-sale, finish one mission above once. Then, you are able to mint 4 of your heroes and keys (include 2 heroes or keys get from pre-sale).
Once you mint your heroes, you can sell it on the marketplace. Click Sell button and set your price. Click Confirm button and you will start to interact with smart contract.
Please wait patiently while interacting with smart contract. Once it complete, you can check your hero on marketplace.
If you want to cancel hero selling, you can cancel it on the hero page and click Cancel Selling button.